Friday, 1 June 2012

I love... City branding

The City Branding is a hot topic around the world and this year is especially important for London because of the Olympics. The truth is, however, that the City Branding is not new, it has been practiced for many years and not just for the big cities.

In the words of
Simon Anholt, “All places whether they are countries, cities, states or regions are brands and all have a reputation brand image”.

Every city
, country or region should define their brand strategy to differentiate themselves. It is necessary to communicate the differentiating attributes and socio-cultural values​​. Why?

An effective City
Branding will serve to attract tourists, students, investors, entrepreneurs, cultural and sporting events and all this will help the economic and social growth of the city.

The most imperative part of
this strategy is to convert the identity and uniqueness of the city in a slogan, a logo that is able to create a positive perception the eyes of the target audience.

What is the target audience
? The target audience is not exclusively those who the city wants to attract, but also the citizens themselves. The strategy for the City Branding should be well received and accepted by the citizens of the city itself. Otherwise, without their support, the strategy will fail in the implementation phase, as in any business.
A good strategy will improve citizens’ self-esteem and their identification with the city.

Considering this, one cannot forget the great
importance the Social Media. The success of brand imaging becomes obvious when viral marketing begins to be undertaken by the citizens themselves - proud to share their identity with the world through social media platforms - and followed by the rest of the target audience.

, it is not enough to just create City Branding and let it run.
This strategy, as
is the case with all strategies, must be monitored and controlled to correct the any mistakes and deviations.

City Branding must be continuously updated. Humans evolve, societies evolve, so too should the city brand.